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The Blushing Rosey Teething Necklace

Regular price $26.00

Pre-orders now being accepted, Order by December 29, shipping out on January 9.

The Blushing Rosey is a mixture of shimmer pearl, blush, pink and rose gold.

Length is approx 24 inches or 28 inches, message me if you would like a custom length! Also available in a mini version for your little one!

approx 18 inches for baby and 20 inches for older child. Intended for ages 0-4.

 About Our Necklaces

All our necklaces are all handcrafted and made in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Stylish & Chic designs
  • Provide visual stimulation and feel good on sore, teething gums
  • Knotted on each side for safety and so that the beads won’t shift
  • Have a breakaway safety clasp
  • Can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water
  • Dishwasher safe and freezer safe

 We make high quality products free from yucky and nasty chemicals

  • No phthalates, no lead, no PVCs
  • 100% Food Grade, BPA free silicone


Please do not leave babies or children unattended with jewelry. Supervision is required at all times.

Mint & Lux Teething Necklaces for Moms & Littles

I started making teething necklaces because I had one too many of my favourite necklaces broken by my lovely, but strong babies. So, I started to make my own kid friendly, teething necklaces. I wanted to create necklaces that were both stylish and practical, that didn’t look like I was wearing a craft project or toy around my neck. I wanted to create necklaces that blended in with my wardrobe and style.

I love creating functional and comfortable necklaces for both stylish mommas and littles.

Both of my babies were also easily distracted and busy nursers, I found wearing a teething necklace kept those busy hands, busy and helped keep them focused.

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