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New Years Eve With Kids vs Without

Kirsten Regel

Happy New Years! Yay for 2017!

Ahhh the days of getting dolled up, sparkly and heading out for a big party and in the past for me. My new normal for New Years is pajamas,takeout and staying in. Some times I miss the dressing up and going out and sometimes I am just like yuck, I just wanna stay in and hang with the fan.

I thought it would be funny to reminisce and compare my old New Years Eves to my new, New Years Eve.

New Years Without Kids

morming to late afternoon - basically do nothing but chill out, go shopping and plan out the night's outfit

4:00 - shower and blow dry and straighten hair

4:30 - outfit planning, dance party in my room, also pre-game drinking with lil sis

5:00-5:30 appies and desserts all started and prepped and ready for consumption

6:00 - girlfriends arrive to get ready for the night out 

6:30 - appies,fancy desserts consumed and drinks are flowing

- 7:00 - outfit planning with the girls as well as pre-game drinking and games!

- 8:00- getting dolled up, wearing heels, full makeup and ready to party

-8:30-9:30 - more games, head to another pre-bar house party

- 9:30 - 12:00 - drinking, dancing,bar hopping and having a blast

12:00 - 5:00 - party till the bar shuts down, head to after party then head home in the wee morning hours

NewYear Eve With Kids

all day- clean and household chores, play with kids. Likely still in pajamas, MAYBE change into yoga/athletic gear if I want to be casual-fancy. Hair in messy bun, no where near being straight or beautiful or washed.

promise myself, this year I will stay awake and make it to midnight

2:00- afternoon nap for the littlest one

4:00 snacks and play time

5:00 supper - maybe Chinese takeout or Pizza, nothing fancy, no fancy desserts

6:00 bedtime bath time for kids, pajamas and socks get soaked, now I change into more pajamas or maybe some yoga gear

6:30- hair still in messy bun, cleaning up the after supper mess still and dishes

7:00 is it bedtime yet? More games , unfortunately not the fun drinking games of the past, more like Paw Patrol memory card flip games.haha you lose kiddo, pound that warm Five Alive juice! Mommy will mix hers with "spicy" juice aka champagne lol.

8:00 watch New Years party on tv, tune into world juniors hockey and hockey night in Canada. 

9:00 - struggling to stay awake, kids in bed. And who is kidding, I'm close behind. Screw midnight, I'll just PVR it and play it tomorrow morning for the "kids" to watch.

so very different but besides dancing and hanging with my friends, my New Years Eves were usually a disappointment. Now I get to hang out with my little loves and husband and relax in my house....in my pyjamas....eating takeout, playing games and loving life. I don't have to worry about what to wear and who to impress...I've got my family here and that is all that matters now. So happy and thankful for my family and looking forward to what will come in 2017.

but.....we will be hosting a fun family party next year and dressing up to spice it up a bit with the kids. But everyone better get the F out by 9:00 lol.....okay 9:30. No stragglers. Seriously, guests better get the F out.

Sleep is always on my Christmas wish list, it's my number one. Late nights be like 9:45.


happy new year to you and yours, may it be happy and bright and you find the courage to pursue your passion and your dreams!

peace to all-


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